The Simmons family Coat of Arms

Simmons Coat of Arms

According to the Family History Resource Center:

    "The Simmons Family Coat of Arms traces its roots back to ancient times where it was carried onto the field of honor, with chivalry to defend family and allies, king and country."
Components of the Simmons family name Coat of Arms
The Shield is:Black and silver with three three leafed clovers and a border
The Crest is:An Ermine
The Motto is:"Simplex Munditiis"

The best other reference that we have found so far is in Chrystie Myers' Genealogical Ansectry Research Homestead on her Simmons Surname History page.

The Coat of Arms, shown above, was obtained from Chrystie Myers' web site. It fits the description provided on her web page, but does not quite agree with the above description. However it is still similar enough to be recognised, so there have probably been some changes to the Coat of Arms over time. It is quite possible that there have been more than one Simmons Coat of Arms. As we find out more information about this we will publish it here. have created a Glossary of Heraldic Terms which helps to explain some of the terminology used to describe family crests. They also provide an informative page about the History of Heraldry.

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